DNA Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, but I want to appeal to any Palcic descendants who might read this and who have had their DNA tested to upload their results from whichever commercial testing company to a DNA matching database called GEDMatch. GEDMatch is a free database offering many different tools for comparing your DNA results with your DNA matches from the major testing companies like 23&Me, Ancestry DNA, Family Tree DNA and others.

Nine descendants of Palcic immigrants from Slovenia have already added their results to GEDMatch, and there are already thirteen GEDMatch contributors with the Palcic surname in their GEDCOM files who have also uploaded these files to GEDMatch, allowing them to compare the GEDCOM “family trees” with DNA matches there. This brings me to the point of this posting.

I have contacted all of people who already uploaded GEDCOM files with the Palcic(h) surname to GEDMatch to find out how many of them are actually Palcic descendants, with the goal of starting a Palcic surname DNA project at GEDMatch. In order to start a such a project, fifty people need to upload their DNA results there.

Your help is needed, patient readers, to get as many Palcic descendants as possible to add their results to GEDMatch. Please share this posting with anyone in your family who might have taken a DNA test and encourage him or her to upload the results to GEDMatch. I will be glad to share the findings from analyzing the results we have so far, and I also hope to update some of my other data sets (particularly Palcic immigrants from passenger manifests) that have not been updated since 2011.

If you have any interest at all in DNA testing, I would encourage you to check out the link to GEDMatch above, and also spread the word among your fellow Palcic family members or descendants to upload their DNA results to GEDMatch. Please do let me know if you decide to participate. GEDMatch is completely free to use, and registering and uploading your results is quick, easy and secure.

Please note: I have no financial interest in GEDMatch or any of the commercial DNA testing companies. My interest is purely research-oriented as part of my Palcic one-name study and continuing Palcic ancestral research. Participation in this effort is open to any and all Palcic descendants, regardless of whether anyone in your family still has the Palcic surname and also regardless of how the surname is now spelled in English-speaking countries.

Thanks for reading and I hope to “see” you at GEDMatch if you are willing to help with the Palcic DNA project.

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