Ancestry Discontinuing Rootsweb Surname List (RSL)

Hello Fellow Rootseekers,

I’ve been away from here for quite a while and hope that my small list of readers is still out there. I just found out today from the forum of the Guild of One-Name Studies that is removing a resource from their free Rootsweb collection of databases:

The venerable Rootsweb Surname List, which allows researchers to search for others interested in the same surname, will be removed from the Rootsweb collection on October 24, 2017.

As some of you might remember, I started this blog in response to Ancestry’s decision to discontinue their Genforum site, which was originally part of

This might not have much of an impact on Palcic researchers, since Daniel Palcic (who has been offline for several years) and I are the only ones listed there for the Palcic surname, but I’m posting this notice here since there may be others reading this who are researching other surnames.

If you think there might be surnames of interest to you, be sure to visit the Rootsweb Surname List before October 24, 2017. Many of the entries are old by internet standards, and the e-mail addresses might not work, but it might still be worth a look, as there are other Palcic researchers using Rootweb’s WorldConnect Project, which is a database of GEDCOM files submitted by researchers that are available to download into family tree software programs such as Legacy Family Tree and Rootsmagic.

I took a look at the Rootsweb WorldConnect Project pages for Palcic GEDCOM files. There are 78 hits (more than a few duplicated), and fifteen or sixteen different researchers who shared the information in those GEDCOM files. After a detailed look at the information they uploaded, it appears that most of them are focusing on other families into which the Palcics married, but I will still try to contact a few of them to see if there is any interest in the Palcic surname. I’ll share any feedback with “yes” answer to that question here.

Also, stay tuned for more information on various research threads I am trying to bring together with research from Palcic families in Slovenia and their connections to descendants of immigrants who settled in the US and Canada.

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