Monday (Palcic Photo?) Mystery

Happy New Year!

I thought I would start the new year with a new post about a photo I received from my mother. This photo was part of a collection that my father inherited when his mother, Agnes (Palcic) Sargin passed away. My mother first showed me this photograph when I was visiting her with my wife last summer in Ohio:

The man in the photo may be a Palcic or other family relative (more below) of my grandmother Agnes. The interesting thing is that the address of the photographer is in Herne, a city not far from where we live in Germany. The i/W. is an abbreviation meaning “in Westfalen” or “in Westphalia”, since there is more than one place named Herne in modern Germany. The photo studio no longer exists, but the address (if not the same building) does.

It would be an interesting coincidence to find a Palcic who lived (even temporarily) in the Ruhr region of Germany. I already know a story about a Palcic family who came to Bochum, Germany from Vrhnika pri Lozu before 1906 and left for Iowa in the US after only a few years in Germany, but I have spoken to a descendant of that Palcic family who does not think the photo shows her grandfather, who was most likely a coal miner in Germany

The style of the clothing that the man in the photo is wearing may indicate some sort of trade, like a carpenter’s union.

I have no idea who this person is, or if he is actually related to my grandmother or one of her (Palcic) parents. One Palcic family stopping in Germany between Slovenia and the United States is interesting. If this man is a Palcic relative, then that would be more than an interesting coincidence. Other possibilities include a Mežič relative (my grandmother’s maternal line) or Planinc (my great grandmother’s brother-in-law’s family) or someone not related.

If anyone has a any clues about who this man might be, please leave a comment below or send me a note at

Your provider of Palcic puzzles,


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  1. Chris, I am Joette (Palcic) Whiteman. It is so wonderful to hear from you. Years ago Daniel Palcic, and you and I worked together on our Palcic genealogy. I hope you remember me, I certainly do remember you. I am so glad to be receiving this Palcic site that you have created. I am in my eighties now, and not doing genealogy, but still interested in it. I can’t find an RSS on my computer, but I defiantly want stay on your sending list. Thanks for still being active in this search.
    Love Joette.

    • admin says:

      Hi Joette,

      Of course I remember you! You and Daniel were the main reasons that I am where I am now with the Palcic project. As for the RSS “feed”, you would need to set up an RSS news reader, which would allow you to subscribe to various news sites and blogs like mine and read new entries as they appear. One reader that I found but have not tested yet is Feedreader:

      If you have a facebook or Google+ account, you can sign in using either one of those logins. Otherwise, I will be happy to add you to my e-mail list for updates to the site. I send one out with every post. I’m also working on an e-mail subscription tool, which I hope to have running soon, so you can sign up by e-mail directly from the blog. It is nice to hear from you and please do keep in touch!



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