Happy Holidays!

Holiday Greetings to All Palcic Families! A few Palcic descendants have birthdays on Christmas day:

Dorothy (Kotnik) Matusek (1924-1988), daughter of Anton Kotnik and Johanna Palcic (Euclid, Ohio, USA)

Anton Palčič, (1875-1966) husband of Anna Novlan, son of Thomas Palčič and Greta Ozic (Paradise Hill, Saskatchewan, Canada)

Justin Palcic (living), Happy Birthday, Justin!

Steve Botche (1886-1916), son of Michael Botche and Baga Palcic (Springfield, Ohio, USA)

Stay tuned for more posts about Palcic descendants in Ljubljana and Slovenia generally, as well as Australia. Don’t forget to click on the link “Entries RSS” to read new posts via your favorite news reader/aggregator!

On behalf of my family, I wish all of you readers out there a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Blessed 2017.


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